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Through the years the horse industry has continued to flourish with strong top notch show horses. To remain competitive, the decision was made to introduce the "Dutch Warmblood" line into our breeding program. In 2000, after searching for just the right horse, WKM Stables acquired the superior stallion "Nickelson B". This stallion has been one of the most prominent horses to grace our ranch. As the Nickelson B offspring begin competing in the show ring they are proving themselves to be very talented and successful!! Please read more about Nickelson and his fantastic pedigree further on in the website.

New in  2008, WKM Stables introduces "PHASE 2" of our breeding program with our new Holsteiner Warmblood stallion, imported directly from Belgium. We are pleased to present "Cat Weasel Z" to our farm!

Nickelson B


Dutch Warmblood Stallion by Concorde

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Deceased July 10, 2010- see "News" page for memorial

Nickelson B - Dutch Warmblood Stallion

Cat Weasel Z

BELGIUM Warmblood stallion by Carthago Z


Warmblood inspection 2012  

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Deseased July/2017



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