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Congratulations to competitor/owner Jordan Maliakkal and WKM Xpresso who competed very successfully in the jumper ring at the World Equestrian Center in Ohio in January.  As well to Jordan's coach Di Langmuir who is always so supportive of the WKM Breeding program.  Great to see this duo continuing to rise in the show ring, continued success to all, can't wait to see all you will accomplish!




Congratulations to Greenhaven Stables (Scott and Anne McKay) and Oasis Show Stables on their WEF Championship on WKM Carousel in Wellington very proud to have a WKM bred show horse standing proud in the Champions circle in Wellington! Continued success with this talented young mount as he begins his show career.







Good Luck Syd 

WKM Stables would like to take the time to bid a "Heartfelt Adieu" to Syd Hewins.  Syd has been our resident/trainer for the past 3 years.  We have watched Syd flourish as both horse and rider grew in knowledge and ability, the many ribbons and accolades, and the continued rise to higher and higher accomplishments.  We were blessed to have been given Syd for the time we did, and wish her nothing but well wishes as she ventures off to new ground and life experiences.  We hope your time at WKM Stables was valuable and proved to be a stepping stone in your life and future endeavors, and we thank you for being such a genuine, respectful young lady both in and out of the barn.  Good Luck Syd - you will be missed by all the critters, the many mounts and most definetly as part of our WKM Family!  Here's to wishing you the best of luck in all life has to offer you!


 WKM X-presso and Syd





We are elated to hear of all the success our sold WKM Bred Show Horses are having both down east in Ontario on the "A" Show Circuit as well as Trillium, and to the few the have ventured out west to Alberta and done our breeding program so proud with your great winnings, here are some notable horses and their riders/owners that we offer our gratitude and congratulations;

WKM Xpresso, WKM Yash, WKM Zorro, WKM YellowRain (shown as Watermark), WKM Yours Truly, WKM Pizzaz (shown as Invictus), WKM XRated, WKM XClamation, WKM Zoom (shown as Zuma), WKM Young Love, WKM Xenia, WKM Wonder (shown as What a Wonder)

As well to those in Manitoba competing and doing so well; WKM Xenia, WKM Wonder, WKM Audi, WKM Zodiac (shown as WKM Phoenix)

Thanks to all of the above - your hard work and determination coupled with our years of hard work and dedication to breed/raise great show horses have made us so very proud and humble.



WKM Stables continue's to raise/produce top Hunter/Jumper prospects for sale.  Many horses available at various stages and levels, contact us for more information.  Horses are shown mostly in the Brandon and Winnipeg area by our resident trainer Syd Hewins.  As well some prospects are under the guidance of trainer Scott McKay of Greenhaven Stables in Ontario and will be shown on the "A" circuit down east.


As of 2017 we have ceased our breeding program, Cat Weasel Z has been sold to a reputable breeder/show barn in Ontario and will go on to sire foals to many top bred European mares......all the best to the new owners, Catty has more than outdone himself with all the talented offspring he has produced in his years at WKM.  Hats off to a great stallion!

We look forward to enjoying our last two beautiful foals that hit the ground in the spring of 2017 as they mark the end of a breeding era for WKM Stables.


Beach Party Mb Hunter Jumper Show & Heart of the Continent Mb Hunter Jumper Show, July 2014

WKM Stables attended two Manitoba Hunter Jumper shows in the month of July. 

WKM Rascal and Katlyn Penner were back out in the Jumper ring where Rascal loves to be.  He won Reserve Champion 1.10m Open Jumper at the Beach show, then went on to take the Championship of the same division a few weeks later at Heart. 

WKM Wakita and Tanis Jones were also out in the Jumper ring and performed very well again.  We are extremely pleased with how she is progressing in the ring.  Wakita placed top 5 in all 7 classes she competed in at the Beach Show and was one half of the "Winning" Jumper Relay team.  She performed equally as well at Heart and was the .90 Open Jumper Division Reserve Champion. 

Congratulations as well to Tanis Jones on her WKM mare "WKM Something Wicked" and to Katlyn Penner and her mount "Rock On" with their own success in the ring!

Well done team! 




WKM Stables attended the annual BRANDON SUMMER FAIR amidst the midway rides and fair atmosphere the young horses performed like superstars!

Katlyn Penner rode both WKM Whisper and WKM Xenia

WKM XENIA performed very well again and tied for Reserve Champion in the Open Low Hunter division.

WKM Whisper performed equally as well and tied for Reserve Champion in Open Low with WKM Xenia.

WKM Wakita is really rocking the jumper ring and took home two firsts in .85 Jumper and was Champion of that division and was again shown by Tanis Jones.


Once again WKM Horses and riders had another great show.

Great job Katlyn and Tanis!


BLHPSI Wheat City Show May 24-25, 2014

WKM Stables competed at the annual Wheat City Classic Horse show, the first outdoor venue of the season, and also the first outdoor show for a couple of our young show mounts.

Katie Penner was back in full force for her first show minus the cast - Welcome back Katie!

WKM Xenia was great at her first outdoor show and took home the Reserve Champion Senior Hunter, top 5 placing in the Hunter Classic, and top 3 placing's in both the Evergreen Hunter and Open Low 2'9 Hunter Divisions.

WKM Wakita is really getting her groove in the Jumper ring and proved it by winning the Mini Prix, under the hands of Tanis Jones.

WKM Something Wicked and her owner Tanis Jones had a great show as Champion Evergreen Hunter, Reserve Champion Open Low Hunter, Reserve Champion in the "Hunter Classic", then moving to the jumper ring to take Reserve Champion in the Open 2'6 Jumper Division.  What a combination these two for them this show season, way to represent the WKM breeding program Tanis!

Congratulations as well to Marley Williamson on her mount WKM Topgun and Mercedes Bertrand on her horse Vortex on a successful weekend of showing.

This kicks of the summer show season.........see ya in the ring!

WKM Xenia first outdoor show 4yr old filly by Cat Weasel Z



Royal Manitoba Winter Fair 2014 - Brandon, Mb 

Another RMWF has come and gone. Our show plan was slightly altered as our Trainer/Rider Katelyn Penner suffered a broken arm a few weeks prior to the fair.  We were fortunate to have Tanis Jones step up to the plate, bascially last minute and take on the challenge. 

The outcome was great.....WKM X-Rated was crowned "Champion 4yr Old" in the Young Horse Division which consisted of 4 classes (Hunter, Jumper, Hack, and Confirmation).  To his credit WKM X-Rated also competed in the Baby Green and Evergreen Hunter Divisions, taking Champion and Reserve Champion respectively in those divisions.

Tanis was busy as she also jockeyed her own mare WKM Something Wicked to "Reserve Champion 4yr Old" in the Young Horse Division, and Reserve Champion Baby Green Hunter. 

WKM was honored to receive the award of Top Manitoba Breeder of the Young Horse Division.  Both WKM X-Rated and WKM Something Wicked are offspring of WKM's approved Stallion Cat Weasel Z.

Congratulations as well to Jayme Atkinson and WKM Tamhara taking on the main ring in the 1.0m, 1.10m Jumpers, and Taylor Parks on WKM Prince of Thieves who made a return to the evening show and a top placing in the dog/horse relay Jumper class.

Thanks to Tanis Jones for her extra hours and effort put into the WKM Show Mounts since Katie's injury.  Congratulations on your success in the ring at Winter Fair Tanis, you earned it!

Thanks Katie for being there for support - we know how hard it was for you to watch "your" show horses from the side lines.  Looking forward to your return to the stable, minus the cast!

WKM X-Rated Champion 4yr Old Young Horse Division RMWF

WKM Something Wicked Reserve Champion 4y Old Young Horse Division RMWF


BLHPSI 2014 - Winter Schooling Show Circuit

February started the 2014 show season for WKM Stables.  Three schooling shows in 6 weeks was a great way to jump back into show mode after the long cold winter!  Kudos to Katlyn Penner our resident trainer/rider for tuffing out the cold temperatures as she continued to train and school on WKM current and upcoming show mounts ALL winter!

Back to the ring after their first show season in 2013 was WKM Whisper, WKM Wakita and WKM Welldone......all three showed well with Whisper and Welldone earning top placings in Open 2'6, 2'9 and Senior Hunter, and Wakita contiuning her move to the Jumper ring.

WKM Rascal was back in the Jumper ring with wins in 3'3 and 3'6 Open Jumper, along with Jayme Atkinson on WKM Tamhara competing successfully in Open 3'3 and 3'6.  

To our delight our SUPERSTAR of the 3 shows was newcomer WKM X-Rated.  He is a 4yr old Cat Weasel Z Gelding, new to the show ring and he was fantastic.  Six 1st place ribbons in 2'3, 2'6, 2'9 and Senior Road Hack Classes, this big guy has everything you could possibly want in a show mount!

Great job Katlyn Penner - showing all the above mounts with great success! 

Not to be outdone was Tanis Jones on her new mare WKM Something Wicked - also a 4yr old Cat Weasel Z offspring, showing and placing well in the hunter and hack ring......what a great looking duo!

Good job team WKM - great stop Royal Manitoba Winter Fair March 30 - April 5/14......... 


Manitoba Hunter Jumper Association Year End Awards Oct 19, 2013

WKM Stables and rider/trainer Katelyn Penner are humbled to have received an overwhelming amount of awards and championships at the MHJA year end awards in Winnipeg on Saturday Oct 19.  The venue was elegant and a great evening had by all. 

WKM Rascal was our superstar of the evening receiving many jumper awards along with the prestigious "Jumper of the Year" award.  WKM Welldone also picked up 4yr of the year and champion starter hunter.  Other winners included WKM Tamhara riden by Jayme Atkinson and WKM Pepsi with his new owner aboard.  Our rider/trainer Katelyn Penner was also honored receiving many awards for her own merit and on her horse "Rock On"!

A huge congratulations to Katelyn Penner who has been with us now for just over a year and has obviously done a tremendous job stepping up to the plate and becoming a great team member of WKM!  Thanks Katelyn for your dedication, your determination and will to do the best you can in the show ring, and for being such a great person to work with.


Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships Sept 13-15/2013 Calgary, Alberta


WKM Stables and Katie Penner were proud to represent a portion of "Team Manitoba" and compete at the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships held at the beautiful Rocky Mountain Show Jumping Venue at Calgary Alberta.

WKM Rascal and Katie confidently qualified throughout the summer show season earning many 1.0m - 1.10m Open Jumper Championships.

Team Manitoba were top contenders and brought home the Bronze medal for the Show Jumping Phase, well done team and great display of our Manitoba talent. Congratulations Katie, Izzy, Erin, Tannis and their talented mounts!

CIEC Manitoba Jumping team 


Fall Harvest - Birds Hill Park Winnipeg, Mb Aug 24-25/2013

WKM Stables finished off the season of MHJA Winnipeg shows, with the following results:

WKM X-Rated: Open 2'3" hunter 1st & 2nd over fences,  Starter Hunter 2nd, 5th & 2nd US and was RESEVE Champion in the division.

WKM What-a-Wonder:  Starter hunter two 4ths,  Evergreen hunter 2nd & 3rd

WKM Wakita:  Evergreen hunter 3rd, two 4ths, 2'9" hunter 3rd, 5th, 1st and was CHAMPION 2'9" 

WKM was very impressed with all three young horses.   Great job Katlyn on bringing them along in their training both at home and at the shows!



Heart of the Continent Red River Ex Aug 1-4/2013

WKM Stables results from Heart, with the following results;

WKM Welldone; Evergreen Hunter 3 top 3 finishes, 2'9 Open Hunter 4 top 4 placings including a 1st place win over fences

WKM Tamhara; Reserve Champion JA .90m Jumper shown by junior rider Jayme Atkinson

WKM Rascal; Champion 1.10m Open Jumper, Champion 1.15 Open Jumper.  Rascal was spot on and jumped amazing!

Was a great three shows for WKM throughout July and August, horses and riders all tired, but great wins and experience for everyone!

Wilf and Katie scoping out the course

Marcy Schweizer Memorial Fund Derby Show Red River Ex July 26-29/2013

WKM took part in the Derby show ........ was the most successful show of the season. Six Championships were claimed by WKM Show Horses and our resident rider Katie Penner.

WKM Whisper took in her first Winnipeg show, and was Champion Starter Hunter in a field of 16. 

WKM Welldone continued his success in the ring as 2'9 Open Senior Hunter Champion and was 1st place in the Evergreen Open Handy Hunter with 17 entries.

WKM Rascal claimed Championships in both the divisions he competed in Open Jumper 1.10m and 1.15m, he jumped fantastic!

WKM Tamhara and Jayme Atkinson moved up to take Champion 1.0m JA Jumper, well done you two!

Katie and her horse Rock On once again claimed Champion 1.20m Open Jumper.

WKM was again represented well as WKM Riley and Chelsea Van Schie and WKM Pepsi were very successful in the show ring.

Great show team!

WKM Welldone and Katie awaiting their Hunter course

Muscles by Myers Beach Party Hunter/Jumper Show July 5-7/2013

Red River Ex Winnipeg, Mb

WKM Stables took in the annual Beach Party Horse Show in Winnipeg with a full line-up of competitors.  Katie Penner our resident rider/trainer was aboard three WKM mounts along with her own jumper.  WKM Welldone was an absolute superstar, we are so impressed with his progress in the show ring.  Welldone competed in 11 classes, he pinned top 3 in 9 of those classes and took home the honors of Champion Starter Hunter, and Champion Evergreen Hunter. WKM Special Delivery also competed in the hunter ring and had 4 top 5 placings in the Open 2'9 and Senior Low.

WKM Rascal was out in full force in the jumper ring.  Reserve Champion 1.0m Open Jumper and Champion 1.10m Open Jumper placing 1st in all three classes within that division.  He is just in his element in the Jumper ring, so quick, carefull and fearless! Katie also nabbed Reserve Champion 1.20 Open Jumper on her own horse Rock On!

WKM Tamhara and our junior rider Jayme Atkinson had a good weekend as well as they work to achieve their goals in the jumper ring.  That duo tied for Reserve Champion 1.0m JA in a field of 17 competitors!

Congratulations also go out to other owners of WKM raised horses competing on the weekend.  WKM Pepsi was Champion .90 JA Jumper, and WKM Riley and owner Chelsea Van Schie had a great show; Reserve Champion 2'9 Hunter JA, and Reserve Champion in the Hack Division overall.

A really great show..........home for a few weeks of training then back to the show grounds for Derby and Heart!


Wheat City Classic Horse Show May 2013 (Brandon, Manitoba)

Wheat City Classic kicks off our season of "Outdoor" showing for 2013.  WKM chose to campaign three youngsters at this venue.  WKM Welldone, WKM Whisper and as her debut show WKM What a Wonder.  Again we can't say enough about this exciting new group of Cat Weasel offspring.  They just rise to the occasion in the ring, and surpass our expectations.  All three had top three placings in many of the 2'0, 2'3, 2'6 and 2'9 Open Hunters, with WKM Welldone winning the Open Hunter Under Saddle class.  WKM Rascal was on par in the Jumper ring boasting two "1st place" finishes in the 3'6 Open Jumper Division, and 3rd place in the Mini Prix.  Katie Penner, our resident trainer/rider had a busy weekend as she was the mount on all four of the above show horses along with competing on her own mount Rock On in the 3'9 Jumpers.  WKM Tamhara also attended the show with her pilot Jayme Atkinson, this duo was great in the 3'3 jumper pinning a 2nd, 3rd and a great 5th place finish in the 3'6 Mini Prix.  Also competing out of WKM Stables were Marley Williamson on her horse WKM Topgun, Mercedes Bertrand on Vortex, and Brittany Murray on her mare Kharisma.  All three had a great weekend in the Jumper ring!

All in all a great show weekend despite the nasty cold, wet weather.  Good job everyone!


Royal Manitoba Winter Fair March 2013 (Brandon, Manitoba)

WKM Stables tack stall at RMWF 2013

Well another edition of the RMWF has come and gone.  A good week with many top finishes.  WKM Rascal and Katie ended up 1.10m Jumper Reserve Champion (including two first place division ribbons) in a division of over 30 horses. WKM Welldone competed in the 4yr old Young Horse Developement Division, and ended up 4th overall. It wasn't Welldone's best show but he is still a baby and we have great hopes for him he is a very talented horse and continues to prove it with more time in the ring!

Jayme and WKM Tamhara also had a great week competing in the .90 and 1.0m jumper divisions.  The classes were huge boasting 35 plus horses, this team was clear every class but one, good job!

Katie Penner also took home the 1.20m Championship on her own horse "Rock On", and Taylor Parks guided WKM Prince of Thieves to win their first "Open Jumper Evening Class" the dog and horse relay!

The week was a long one as showing in both rings at different ends of the venue is not an easy task, well done Katie!  A special thanks to Katie's Dad Jamie for being such a help throughout the week!

Congratulations also go out to Matthew Atkinson who was Champion .90m Jumper with his 2003 Nickelson B gelding "Happenstance".  And to Chelsea van Schie aboard her horse WKM Riley who once again came out and absolutely dominated the Hunter/Hack Ring (Champion Open Road Hack, Reserve Champion Pre/Child/Adult Ami among many other top placings). Thanks for representing WKM'S breeding program with style!


Winter Schooling Shows Feb 2&3, Feb 16&17 and Mar2&3, 2013

WKM Stables attended all three schooling shows in preparation for the upcoming 2013 Show Season.  Katie Penner as our new trainer/rider did a fabulous job.  We introduced three new 4yr olds to the showring this year.  WKM Wakita and WKM Whisper both Cat Weasel fillies off of Nickelson B mares.  And one Nickelson B gelding WKM Welldone.  We are delighted with their showing and progress at each show, and expect more great rides on them in the coming year.  WKM Rascal was Katie's WKM mount in the jumper ring competing in the 1.0 and 1.10m classes, he barely touched a rail and had many first place finishes.   Katie was also out in force with her own mount "Rock On" rocking the jumper ring.  Also attending some of the shows from the WKM Stable were Mercedes on Vortex, Marley on her mount WKM Topgun, and Taylor on WKM Prince.  Jayme Atkinson also has a new WKM mount as she has taken over the reins on WKM Tamhara a 2007 Nickelson B mare and top notch prospect at WKM, the match has been a good one we look forward to watching this team compete this year.

All in all a great three shows, good job team and a special thanks and kudos to Katie........we are very proud of you and what you've accomplished already!  Bring on the summer of 2013!


 Provincial Exhibition of Mb Schooling Show Nov 24-25/12

WKM Stables recently attended the last show of the 2012 year! We were happy to make two debuts at this show with both our new resident rider Katie Penner and a new filly to the showstring lineup WKM Whisper! We couldn't have been more proud of both of them.  WKM Whisper an offspring of WKM's stallion Cat Weasel Z entered her first ever hunter classes and ended up with 3 top 6 placings in classes of 19, toping off the weekend with a 3rd in the 2'3 Open hunter stake.  We knew Whisper was talented, but she proved to us she also has the mind and willingness to be a top notch show horse.  WKM Rascal was Katie's mount in the Jumper ring, they were a force to be reckoned with, quick and careful.  Rascal ended up winning both 3'3 Open Jumper classes and was 1st and 2nd in the 3'0 Jumper.  WKM Special Delivery and Jayme Atkinson also attended placing a respectable 4th and 5th in the Open 3'0 Hunter Division, good riding Jayme!

Good job everyone, looking forward to the new show season in 2013! Stay warm as we ride our way through these Manitoba Winters!


BLHPSI Year End Awards 2012

2012 Year end awards

WKM Stables is honored to have received year end awards for the 2012 show season; Champion and Reserve Champion 3'0 and 3'3 Jumper  - WKM Tamhara and WKM Rascal. Reserve Champion 3'0 Open Hunter - WKM Special Delivery (Sullivan). Reserve Champion 2'6 Open Jumper - WKM Topgun.  CWHBA (Mb Chapter) Hi Point Hunter and Jumper for 2012. A special mention to Kelly Campbell who was our rider that attained all the wins for the above awards, kudos to you Kelly!  Congratulations also go out to Chelsea Van Schie on WKM Riley, Taylor Parks on WKM Prince of Thieves, Kristen McKay on Hot n Spicy, and Mercedes Bertrand on Vortex who also received year end awards.   


A Fond Farewell (Sept 28/12)

WKM Stables would like to wish Kelly Campbell their Trainer/Rider for the past 5 years a heartfelt goodbye and good luck as she embarks on her adventure to Alberta.  Kelly has decided to spread her wings and meet new challenges as she seeks out a year of gaining knowledge and experience under the guidance of some top notch Equestrians.  As a team WKM Stables and Kelly have accomplished many goals and won many top awards.  We thank Kelly for her dedication to our program, and are very proud of what she has accomplished on both our show horses and young prospects.

Kelly is handing the reins over to a fresh new set of hands as Katie Penner of Winnipeg has joined our team.  Katie is a student of well respected coaches Mike and Charlene McMullen and certainly no stranger to the show ring.  We welcome Katie and look forward to watching her establishing her groove with this new string of show horses!

"We don't meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason"


Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association National Stallion and Mare Inspection Tour -  WKM Stables Sept 25 & 26, 2012

WKM Stables was honored to be the Manitoba host location for the National "Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association (CWHBA)" Stallion and Mare Inspection Tour on Sept 25 & 26.  This year's Canadian tour included six locations across the country.

The inspection panel was filled with National level judges including a guest judge from Europe. The two days were filled with inspections, evaluations and riding tests.  There was a good representation of Manitoba horses to present to the inspectors.

WKM Stables had a full two days as we presented "16" offspring of our Stallion Cat Weasel Z.  There were "6" 2yr old geldings for evaluation, "6" 2yr old mares for evaluation and inspection, and "4" 3yr old horses for riding test, evaluation and inspection, along with presenting our Stallion Cat Weasel Z himself for inspection in hopes to gain approval in the CWHBA Stallion registry.

We are humbled to report a phenomenal outcome where "7" mares were granted "Premium" status with very generous evaluations, and a granting of "Licensed Status" for our stallion Cat Weasel Z along with their recommendation for this "Approval Status" to be presented to the National Stud Book Committee.

We would also like to congratulate other owners/horses who scored equally as well including Gary Mittermayr and his Stallion "Gramma Open Main" (handled by Jeff From) who gained licensed status.  Alicia Dyck who scored very high marks and premium status with her Nickelson B mare, Pat Metcalfe who presented her Oxford/Falko mare with foal and earned top marks and premium status, and to Dana Young who scored well with her mares and foal.

The panel of judges commented they had never handed out so many "Premium" plaques in one inspection as they did at this stop on tour!

Thanks to all who came to participate, watch and help out.  A huge thank you and congratulations to our trainer/rider Kelly Campbell and new rider Katie Penner for their hard work and dedication getting all these youngsters prepared prior to and during the inspection, and to David Schmidt who was our handler for the day.

This was such an affirmation for WKM Stables and our breeding program as the judges were thoroughly impressed and complimentary with our Stallion Cat Weasel Z's pedigree, the inspection of him and his stock and the consistency and quality he is stamping his offspring with.  They believe this Stallion combined with the strong mare power of our Nickelson B mares is producing outstanding prospects.

Their final comment was "this is as good as it gets anywhere in Canada".

Let's be proud of the horses we are breeding and producing in Manitoba!

**Update** Cat Weasel Z has officially obtained his "APPROVED" status as a Canadian Warmblood Stallion! 


Fall Harvest Show Aug 24-26, 2012 Birds Hill Provincial Park Winnipeg, Mb

WKM Stables took in the Fall Harvest show in Winnipeg, Kelly campaigned the show solo along with her two Junior riders.

WKM Whitney made her debut to the show ring, what a superstar.  Whitney is a 3yr old filly, and the first offspring of WKM's "Phase 2" breeding program to hit the showring, and she couldn't have made us more proud! She walked away as Champion Open 2'3 Hunter (1st place ribbons in all 3 classes of the division) and Champion Starter Hunter, WOW! Congratulations to Kelly on developing these youngsters, and preparing them for the show ring! They are bred to be champions and she proved that this weekend!

WKM Special Delivery (Sullivan) was shown by own Junior rider Jayme Atkinson; Champion Childrens Hunter (1st place in all 3 classes) and Reserve Champion Developement Hunter.  Well done Jayme, way to take everyting in stride!

WKM Topgun was shown by Kelly's working student Zoe Gerein who is no stranger to the show ring.  They had a great weekend competing in the .85m Jumper Division, and ended the show with a fantastic 5th place finish in the .90 Jumper Derby against 27 competitors.

WKM Rascal was Kelly's Jumper mount for the weekend.  He jumped great as he hasn't been in the ring since June. He competed in the .90m and 1.0m Jumper Division, never touching a rail, and ended the weekend as Champion .90m Open Jumper, along with a very respectable clean 2nd place finish in the .90m Jumper Derby!

WKM stables and Kelly Campbell would also like to congratulate the owners of WKM Pepsi on their Reserve Championship in the .90m Jumper division.

Great show girls!


Heart of the Continent August 2-5, 2012 Red River Ex Winnipeg, Mb

WKM Stables had a very successful showing at "Heart". 

WKM Topgun pinned top 4 in all but 1 class and was the "1.0m Open Jumper Champion", he just jumped fantastic!

WKM Special Delivery was shown by our Junior rider Jayme Atkinson in the Childrens and Development Hunter Divisions.  This team did a great job, 4 top 5 placings and then went on to a top scoring round in the Combined Hunter Challenge to earn them "2nd place" overall, extremely well done by both horse and rider as this duo has only been together a short time!

WKM Prince of Thieves and Taylor Parks also had a successful show, Reserve Champion 1.10m Open Jumper and Winner of the special "4 Bar Class"!

 Well Done Team!


Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba Summer Fair June 8-10, 2012

summer fair 2012

The Annual Provincial Exhibition Summer Fair has come and gone, once again dodging thunderstorms we managed to get through the 3-day show.  A very successful show for all.  WKM Tamhara jumped great and earned Champion 1.0m Jumper, WKM Rascal rocked the Jumper ring and took the Reserve Champion in the .90m Jumper Division, and went on to compete in the "Mini Prix" where he was just a few seconds off the winning time to give him a second place finish with two clear rounds. 

WKM Special Delivery (Sullivan) was just a superstar in the hunter ring.  This was Sullivan's first show since early March.....and he earned Reserve Champion 3'0 Open Working Hunter and was just 2 points shy of winning the Hunter Classic after a flawless two round score of 159!  Kelly was extremely proud and happy with all three of her mounts as they showed so well.

Congratulations once again to WKM Riley and Chelsea Van Schie who certainly made their mark at the Summer Fair; Champion Evergreen Hunter, Reserve Champion Low Hunter, Champion of the Hunter Classic and a two round score of 161.  Well done Chels and Rye, and to her Mom Joel for all her support and help, and the many miles travelled to allow this team to be real contenders in the show ring!

WKM Prince of Thieves and Taylor Parks were once again out in full force; 1.15m and 1.20m Champion! 

Also a shout out to Jamie Atkinson on WKM Topgun who had 3 top 5 placings in the .90m Jumper Division, well done Jamie.  And to Brittany Murray who trains under Wilf and her mare Kharisma who won Champion .85 Jumper, another job well done!


BLHPSI Wheat City Classic May 26-27, 2012

WKM Tamhara and WKM Rascal competed in the Jumper Division, both picking up wins and top 3 placings throughout the weekend.  WKM Topgun, who is currently being riden and shown by Jamie Atkinson made their respectable debut to the jumper ring and did very well.


2012 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair Brandon, Mb  

2012 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

WKM Stables finishes March off with a long week of showing at the RMWF.  This years competitors included WKM Tamhara and WKM RascalWKM Tamhara was busy competing in both the Hunter and Jumper ring.  Tamhara earned the honor of Reserve Champion in the 5yr old Young Horse Division which consisted of four phases Hunter/Hack/Confirmation/Jumper, she was just 1 point shy of tying for Champion!  She went on to compete in the 1.0 & 1.10m Jumpers in the main ring and had some great top 5 finishes in classes of 30 plus entries.   WKM Rascal really stepped up to the plate, this is Rascal's first year of showing and we weren't sure if he would be ready for the level of show that the RMWF boasts.  Well he was, and ended up the .90m Jumper Champion (out of 40 entries) and even placed 1st in one of his 1.0m classes.  He just got better and better as the show went on. 

WKM Stables would also like to send out congratulations to Chelsea van Schie on her mount WKM Riley who rocked the Hunter ring, 3 Reserve Championships wow what a show for them.  And to Taylor Parks and WKM Prince of Thieves who made their debut into the evening Jumper classes, a class act in every way well done!

Great job by Kelly Campbell WKM's trainer/rider on a very successful "Winter Fair".....looking forward to the next show!


Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association (CWHBA) Annual Awards for 2011

WKM Stables was honored to receive the following year end awards from the CWHBA for 2011, the listed winners are all offspring of our gracious Dutch Stallion "Nickelson B":

    Year End Awards: Hunter Level 1 - WKM Tamhara

                                      Jumper Level 1 - WKM Nokia

                                      Jumper Level 2 - WKM Sterling 

     Achievement Awards for 2011:  Hunter Level 1 - WKM Tamhara 

                                                  Hunter Level 2 - WKM Riddles

                                                              Jumper Level 1 - WKM Nokia

                                                              Jumper Level 2 - WKM Sterling


 (HITS) Ocala, Florida Feb-Mar/2012

Scott and Anne McKay of Greenhaven Stables in Ontario recently returned from Ocala Florida and three weeks of showing at the "HITS" Winter Show Circuit.  There were two horses competing from the WKM Breeding program. WKM Sterling and his new owner Jennifer competed in the 1.0m Jumper Division, and Anne campaigned WKM Riddles in the .90m Jumper Division, this is Riddles first year in the Jumper Ring and Anne was very happy with his performance.  Congratulations to Scott and Anne on all their mounts and to their students.  They now gear up for the 2012 "A" Show Circuit year, good luck to all!


Brandon Light Horse Winter Schooling Shows Feb & March 2012 

WKM Stables finishes a string of winter schooling shows to kick off the 2012 show season.  We focused our attention on our top 3 show horses for this season, WKM Tamhara, WKM Special Delivery, and WKM Rascal.  All three had impressive shows.  WKM Special Delivery is focused mainly on the 3'0 hunter ring, WKM Rascal jumped like a star in the 2'9 and 3'0 Jumper Divisions, and WKM Tamhara was very successful competing in the 3'0 and 3'3 Jumper Division.  Kelly has done a great job schooling these mounts over the winter months and they are ready for the show season.  Also competing under the "WKM crew" was Taylor Parks on her mount WKM Prince of Thieves, dominating the 4'0 Jumper Division. Congratulations also to Chelsea on her horse WKM Riley back in Manitoba for the show season and having great success in both shows they attended!  Well done crew, watch for WKM Stables at our next competition the "Royal Manitoba Winter Fair" in Brandon at the end of March! 


Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba Schooling Show

 Nov 26  & 27/2011

WKM Stables recently competed in the fall Schooling show with their youngsters. 
WKM Tamhara competed in her first jumper classes winning the 3'3 Jumper and picking up a couple 2nd's in the 3'0 Jumper.  Tamhara is jumping extremely well, our focus for her will be the jumper ring for the 2012 show season.    
WKM Special Delivery was a star.  He won the 3'0 Hunter Stake class, won the 3'0 Jumper Class, and picked up a 3rd in the 3'3 jumper stake class.  We are looking for great things from Sully in the next year, he has matured into a real competitor with loads of talent.  WKM Tiffany attended the first show, although a little overwelmed, she improved with each class, schooled well and was much more relaxed by the end of the show. 

We are most proud of our 2yr old filly WKM Whitney.  Whitney is the offspring of our newest stallion Cat Weasel Z by a Nickelson B mare and is the first of this cross to enter the show ring.  We have been anxiously awaiting these babies to hit the ring.  Whitney was just green broke in the late summer, and will begin her initial phase of training with Kelly this winter.  Kelly showed Whitney in the groundrail division to just simply get her in the ring......SHE WAS FANTASTIC.  What a great mind and so much talent just waiting to be developed. 

Also competing on a WKM horse was Taylor Parks on WKM Prince of Thieves, wow they jumped their hearts out, winning both 4'0 Jumper Classes, and pinning 1st and 2nd in the 3'9 Jumper.  Just as a side note, Prince went on to show in the crossrail and 2'0 hunters with one of Taylor's students Janica, he was a superstar and put a very big smile on a little girls face!  Next we set our sights on the winter schooling shows on route to the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair..........see ya in the ring!


2011 BLHPS Year End Awards Banquet Nov 12, 2011

awards night  

 WKM Stables is presented with the winning blanket for the 2011 Hi-point Canadian Warmblood in Manitoba. WKM Tamhara won this honor as she earned the highest number of points during the 2011 show season.  We are so proud of Tamhara as this was her first year in the show ring.  Tamhara also took home the BLHSP year end award for 2'6 and 2'9 Hunter. WKM Sterling also won a year end reserve championship in the jumper ring.  Congratulations also to Taylor Parks and WKM Prince of Thieves on their awards for the 2011 show season.  Well done everyone.... another successful year!


Equine Canada's - Jump Canada August 2011 Newsletter Volume #7

WKM Sterling and Kelly Campbell are featured under Canadian Success Stories as champions of the 5yr old young horse series at the Heart of Continent Hunter/Jumper show in August 2011.

Also featured is our son Scott McKay of Greenhaven Stables in Limehouse Ontario, for mastering the 6yr old young horse series on his Dutch Warmblood gelding "Anton".


Manitoba Hunter Jumper Associations Budweiser Beach Party July 7-10/11 & Heart of the Continent Show Aug 3-7/11

WKM Stables travelled to Winnipeg to compete in these two shows during July and August.  Kelly campaigned 4 horses at these shows WKM Tamhara, WKM Special Delivery, WKM Sterling and WKM Scottie.  We were pleased with all of their performances, and delighted at picking up a few championships along with many top 4 placings in both the Hunter and Jumper Divisions.  WKM Sterling finished off the two competitions by winning the Champion 5yr old Jumper Division!


Joe Guy Brewer Australian Longrider visits WKM Stables 

Joe and Rio

WKM Stables bids a fond fairwell to Joe Guy of Australia after hosting Joe and his family for the month of June as Joe completed his 1000 mile Canadian ride through Manitoba.  Joe is a longrider, who has completed rides through his native land of Australia, the United States and Canada.  We first met Joe and his family three years ago when they spent a month at WKM and were thrilled to have them visit us again.  Joe spent many hours with our resident trainer Kelly helping her gain respect and knowledge of her show mount horses and young show prospects.  Joe has perfected his technique over the years and has held many clinics throughout the United States and Canada proving and teaching it.  We thank Joe, and look forward to following his adventures in the years to come.  Good luck and safe travels Joe, Donna, Zak, Jay and Maddy............there will always be a place for you at WKM Stables, as Joe would say "see ya on the road"!


Wheat City Classic May/11 & Brandon Summer Fair Jun/11

Well so far so good........just finished off 2 weekends of competition in Brandon.  WKM Tamhara, WKM Special Delivery, and WKM Sterling were very good.  WKM Tamhara had some great hunter and hack courses, pinning some 1st place ribbons.  Tamhara was also riden by one of our Juniour riders for her "B" equitation, and was Champion in that division.  WKM Special Delivery gained great ring experience and won the "Hunter Classic" at Wheat City and went on to be crowned 3'0 Open Hunter Champion at Summer Fair.  WKM Sterling really stole the show, this was his first two competitions in the Jumper ring and he really stepped up to the plate and did his job.  He jumped really well, and loved it!  He ended his last show (Summer Fair), winning Reserve Championships in both the 1.0m and 1.1m divisions.  They all did so well as they are still young and in their first year showing.  Kelly once again did a great job on the reins, and also had a super show with her Nickelson B gelding WKM Pepsi!  Next it's off to the Beach Show in Winnipeg, good luck everyone.......see you in the ring!


Royal Manitoba Winter Fair Mar 28-Apr 2/2011 Brandon, MB

Winter Fair 2011 was a huge success.  We are all so proud of our youngsters who showed themselves proud.  WKM Scottie claimed the title of Champion 5yr old Young Horse (competing in 4 classes, Hunter/Jumper/Hack/Confirmation).  WKM Tamhara also claimed the Champion title in her 4yr old Young Horse Division, and then went on to win the Baby Green Hunter Division with two first place ribbons out of the four classes.  They were both simply amazing as this is their first year in the show ring.  Congratulations to our trainer/rider Kelly Campbell on many great rides throughout the week!  WKM Stables was also proud to win the Warmblood breeder award in both the 4yr and 5yr old Divisions.  We pause, to silently salute "Nickelson B" as his progeny continues to prove his legacy year after year in the show ring! Thank you Nik we miss you......


February and March 2011 Schooling Shows Brandon, MB

WKM Stables recently wrapped up their winter schooling show season participating in three shows Feb 5-6, Feb 19-20, and Mar 5-6, 2011.  We use these shows as stepping stones to the 2011 show season.  With quite a few new youngsters to the show ring this year these shows were valuable in providing solid ring experience for all of them.  We are extremely pleased with all thier performances.  WKM Scottie and WKM Rascal are progressing really well in the jumper ring.  WKM Soloman competed in two of the shows and was super good in both hunter and jumper.  WKM Topgun, WKM Sullivan and WKM Sterling all took their turns at shows and also pulled off some ribbons in the Hunter ring.  WKM Tamhara really stole the show as she competed in only two shows, finishing off by WINNING 2'6 and 2'9 Hunter, Senior Hunter U/S, Road hack, and then headed off to the jumper ring for a 3rd in her Jumper class.  The WKM crew were also on track as Taylor and WKM Prince of Thieves were awesome in the jumper ring picking up her first win in a 1.20m class.  A special congratulations to Chelsea with her new mount WKM Riley on a great show with her new horse.  Well done team WKM!!

We now set our sights on the "2011 ROYAL MANITOBA WINTER FAIR" as WKM Scottie and WKM Tamhara will be competing in the Young Horse Development Division as well as other divisions.


Memorial for "Nickelson B"  

July 2010 

It is with saddness that WKM Stables announces the unexpected loss of their stallion "Nickelson B".  Nickelson proudly stood at our ranch for the past 10 years.  He was a superior stallion who consistently stamped his offspring with his great talent.  We are blessed to have produced years of his progeny, who have become very talented show horses, establishing WKM Stables as top competitors in the Hunter/Jumper show ring.  We are also fortunate to have retained a group of carefully chosen Nickelson B fillies, many of which hold "premium" status, to carry on the Nickelson lineage.  What a fantastic group of mares to breed to our new imported stallion Cat Weasel Z.

Though many horses have called WKM Stables home, we believe "Nickelson B" was the most prominent horse to ever grace our ranch.  We will miss his beauty and presence......and salute him for a job "well done".  Gallop on to greener pastures Nick!

Nickelson B

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