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"Congratulations to all those who have purchased a WKM Stables prospect!"


Congratulations to Carson Lewis of Denfield Ontario on the purchase of "WKM Yes Please", a 2011 Mare by Cat Weasel Z.  This young mare has so much talent waiting to be developed........we wish Carson and Please all the best, and nothing but years of success. Thanks to Scott McKay of Greenhaven Stables for  his role in putting these two together.

WKM Yes Please 


Congratulations to Patty Alfonso of Tyndall Wood farms of Winnipeg on her purchase of "WKM Avalon" a 4yr old filly by Cat Weasel Z.  This filly is very eye appealing and ready to start her career, we look forward to seeig her flourish under the expert and guided hands of her new owners!


Congratulations to Jordan Maliakkal from Ontario on the purchase of "WKM X-Presso", this Cat Weasel Z gelding was truly one of the nicest horses we have ever trained at WKM.  Smart, athletic, great minded horse, who loves the show ring. All the best to Jordan as we wish this new duo great success!  Bittersweet for our resident trainer/rider Syd as in her own words, Xpresss bean was one of most exceptional minded talented mounts she had ever riden.

WKM Xpresso and Jordan - Champions!



Congratulations to Kerry Lee Van Braeckel of Winnipeg on your purchae of "WKM Zodiac now known as "WKM The Phoenix" a lovely youngster by Cat Weasel Z out of a power producing mare WKM Roxy.  We wish you all the best and much success with this new partnership.

WKM Phoenix and Kerri


Congratulations to Victoria Vann from Ontario the new owner of WKM Yash. Look forward to watching your success in the jumper ring down east.  Thanks to Scott McKay for putting this combination together. 

WKM Yash and Victoria at Caledon Equestrian Park



Congratulations to Marti Embree of Ontario on her purchase of "WKM YoursTruly" a lovely 2011 Mare by Cat Weasel Z.  Truly is another young prospect with loads of potential, we look forward to watching as this team progresses to the show ring, and are quite excited to have the expertise of Marti's coach and respected horseman Peter Gisborn on board with this new duo.  In Marti's own words - "She is a wonderful mare, so smart and such a great brain.  I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful partner". Thank you Marti - we wish you all the best and countless hours of pleasure owning this young mare!

WKM Yours Truly 


CongratULATIONS TO Jamie Lee of Winnipeg on her purchase of a 2014 gelding(WKM BEAMER) which is a fullbrother to WKM Waltztime, WKM X-Plain, WKM Zesty and WKM Auty.  ThanksJamie and do have lots of fun with him!!!!



Congratulations to the Steffens family of Mount Forest Ontario on their gracious purchase of "four" young WKM prospects; WKM Zorro, WKM Austin, WKM Betty Boop, WKM Catalina.  Jacqueline and Ashlee Steffens the daughters of Peter and Janet were the lucky recipients of these horses as Christmas "stocking stuffers"! We are honored the Steffens family has put their confidence in the WKM breeding program to purchase these rising show mounts.  The combination of the youngsters potential and the expertise and experience of these talented young riders are sure to be a great success.  Thanks as well to Scott McKay of Greenhaven Stables for your trusted guidance.
WKM Zorro 

Congratulations to Hayley Alfonso of St. Andrews, Mb on her recent acquisition of WKM Auty ( WKM Audi).  Audi is a 2013 gelding by Cat Weasel Z and WKM Royal (Nickelson B mare), a top producer in the mare band of WKM Stables.  Hayley is an accomplished Equestrian herself and comes from a family rich in Equestrian roots, expereince and success.  We are elated to have a WKM bred prospect in your barn and look forward to watching you two become a great combination in the show ring. It was a pleasure to have you at our stable for the day, and the chance to share our breeding program with you both. Thanks Patty and Hayley...........much success and good luck, will be wathcing for you in the ring! 


WKM Audi Baby Green Champion RMWF 2017



Congratulations to Kat Foster of Ontario on her recent acquisition of WKM Yellow Rain (YRain). Rain is a 2011 gelding by Cat Weasel Z and WKM Paris (Nickelson B mare).  Rain showed tremendous talent right from a youngster, and has all the makings of an exceptional young hunter.  We are delighted Rain has found his home with Kat and Langmuir Equestrian Services, who will no doubt nuture his talent all the way to the show ring.  Much thanks to Scott & Anne McKay of Greenhaven Stables in Ontario who noticed his talent at an early age, and to Hyde Moffatt for his role in developing this young gelding and finding the perfect show home for him.  Good luck Kat and Rain, we look forward to watching for your future success!


Congratulations to Tess Nesca of Winnipeg, Mb on her recent purchase of WKM What a Wonder.  Wonder is a 2009 Filly by Cat Weasel Z off a Nickelson B mare WKM Pandora.  Wonder is a sweet mare, though smaller in stature, her athletic ability in superb, with tons of "jump".  We wish Tess and Wonder all the best and look forward to seeing them compete in the Jumper ring next show season. 

WKM What a Wonder


Congratulations to Alexya Solomon of Ontario on her purchase of WKM Wakita.  Wakita is a 2009 Filly by Cat Weasel Z off a strong producing Nickelson B mare WKM Penelope.  Wakita is just beginning her career in the jumper ring, and progressing very well.  We wish Alexya and Wakita much success, we expect their future to be very rewarding and look forward to watching for them in the ring.  Thanks to Scott McKay of GreenHaven Stables for matching this pair together.  In Alexya's own words since owning Wakita, "I've never owned a smarter horse in my life"!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

Congratulations to Tanis Basaraba Jones of Brandon Manitoba on her recent purchase of WKM X&O's.  She is a 2010 filly by our Stallion Cat Weasel Z and off a Nickelson B proven broodmare WKM Pose.  X's began her training career lightly this summer and is progressing into a lovely young mare.  X's also obtained her Premium status at the CWHBS Inspections the fall of 2012.  We are overjoyed to have Tanis and X's become partners.  Tanis has recently made her way back to the show ring, and from watching her compete this summer show season its hard to believe she ever left.  This duo will continue their training journey out of WKM Stables, and with the talent held in both horse and rider they will definetly be a force to be reckoned with in the show pen! Congratulations Tanis!

WKM Somethig Wicked 4yr Old Reserve Champion RMWF 2014


Congratulations to Shatara Crowe of Winnipeg, Mb on her purchase of WKM Waylon - now known as WKM Hershey's Kiss.  "Hershey" is a 2009 gelding by Nickelson B.  In Shatara's own words; He is the absolute love of my life, have never met a sweeter horse and would buy another WKM horse any day!


Congratulations to Christine Kent of Oakville Ontario on her recent purchase of WKM Whitney.  Whitney is a 2009 filly by our Stallion Cat Weasel Z and off a premium Nickelson B mare.  Whitney is one of our first youngsters off our Stallion "Catty" to begin her training and show career.  She has been a pleasure to start and a doll to be around, and shows tremendous potential as a show horse!  Christine made the journey to Manitoba in October with Scott McKay looking for a new show prospect.  Whitney and Christine were an instant match both in the irons and on the ground.  Whitney has now relocated to Greenhaven Stables in Limehouse Ontario and will continue her career under the skillful hands of her new owner Christine and her coach Scott McKay.  Congratulations and good luck we look forward to following your success! 

WKM Whitney & Christine


Congratulations to Marley Williamson and the Williamson family of Brandon Manitoba on their purchase of WKM Topgun.  Topper as he is affectionately known in the barn is a 2007 gelding by Nickelson B.  Marley has been actively involved with horses for most of her life, successfully competing in high school rodeo, dabbling in the english discipline and most recently the jumper ring!  Topper was actively shown in 2012 with some reputable placings, and has been the successful mount for a few juniors/amateurs looking to learn the ropes in the "jumper show ring".  Marley and Topper have certainly developed a relationship which is what we look and hope for in all our "matchups" as breeders.  Marley has decided to pursue the jumper ring as her main focus, along with her studies as a first year University student here in Brandon.  We are delighted to have Topper become a member of such a lovely family, and look forward to watching Marley and Topper in the show ring for years to come as they develop and discover their obvious talents!  Welcome to the WKM crew Marley!

WKM Topgun & Marley


Congratulations to the Nicholson Family of Ontario on their purchase of WKM Sterling for their daughter Jennifer.  Sterling is a 2006 gelding sired by Dutch Warmblood Stallion Nickelson B.  We know you will enjoy many successful years in the show ring with Sterling, he is a real contender in the ring with a kind and gentle spirit.  As breeders we love to see our show horses find their homes with that special rider and become a team.  Good luck Jennifer, we will be watching for you in the winners circle on your new mount!  Special thanks to Scott McKay of Greenhaven Stables for putting this team together! 

WKM Sterling in competition 2014


Congratulations to Muffie Guthrie of Knightwood Stables in Guelph Ontario  

on her purchase of WKM Scottie.  Scottie is a 2006 gelding sired by Dutch Warmblood Stallion Nickelson B.  Scottie is an extremely talented horse and seems to have found his perfect match with Muffie.  We thank Scott McKay of Greenhaven stables for matching these two athletes, and look forward to watching for their accomplishments in the show ring as Muffie is an active competitor on the "A circuit" in Ontario

WKM Scottie 


Congratulations to Alexander Clark of Campbellville Ontario

on the purchase of WKM Solomon.  Sol is a 2006 gelding sired by Dutch Warmblood Stallion Nickelson B, he is a full sibling to WKM Pizzaz (aka Invictus) and WKM Rohara.  Alex and Solomon will soon start competing on the "A" circuit in Ontario, riding under the guidance of Scott and Anne McKay of Greenhaven Stables.



Congratulations to Chelsea van Schie of Thunder Bay Ontario  

as the proud new owner of WKM Riley.  Riley is a 2005 gelding sired by Dutch Warmblood Stallion Nickelson B.  We think Chelsea and Riley are a great match and anticipate they will become a competitive team together.  Many thanks to Chelsea's Mom Joel for the many miles travelled and for choosing a WKM Stables show horse.  Enjoy your horse Chelsea, and welcome to the WKM Stables Crew!

Please see "Testimonials" page to read Joel and Chelsea's impressions of WKM Riley!

WKM Riley & Chelsie 


Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Connelly of Toronto Ontario 

on her recent purchase of WKM Pizzaz. Pizzaz is a 2004 gelding by Dutch Warmblood Stallion Nickelson B.  He is an amazing horse.  WKM Stables is proud to have enjoyed much success with Pizzaz in the show ring, we wish you continued success as he sets his sights on the Jumper ring on the Ontario "A" circuit.  Special thanks to Scott and Anne McKay of Greenhaven Stables for helping place Pizzaz in his new show home!  



Congratulations to Equine Artist Kim Penner of Lacombe Alberta

as the proud new owner of WKM West a beautiful 2009 chestnut gelding by Nickelson B.  We are proud to have West join the Penner family as their fourth WKM bred horse.  We hope Kim and family will enjoy West as much as we enjoy her amazing art work that decorates our home. 



Congratulations to Lindsay Wendt of High River Alberta on her purchase of WKM Watch Me, a 2009 filly sired by Cat Weasel out of a Nickelson B mare.  We are thrilled to have "Watch Me" find her new show home with Lindsay at Grandview Performance Horses.  We anticipate this filly to be very successful under the talented guidance of Lindsay and look forward to watching for them as future stars in the show ring!   Thanks also to Lindsay for recognizing and acknowleding the superior breeding our Cat Weasel/Nickelson B offspring boast!

PS: Lindsay says WKM Watch Me is absolutely way more impressive in person. 


Congratulations to Carolyn and Heather Page of Ontario on their purchase of WKM Rohara.  Rohara has been competing successfully for the last couple of years, an extremely talented mare who loves the show ring.  We wish her new owners much success with their new mount as they hit the "Ontario"A" Show Circuit".  Many thanks to Greenhaven Stables in Ontario for their help in finding Rohara a new show home.


Congratulations to Shirley Neudorf

of Brandon, Mb on her purchase of WKM Parker.  Parker is a beautiful dapple grey 2004 Nickelson B gelding.  He started his show career last fall and earned a Championship first time out.  Shirley is a veteran rider and no stranger to the show ring.  We are excited to see one of our Nickelson B offspring find his place in the dressage ring and look forward to watching for their much anticipated success.  Good luck, we hope you have found your perfect match! 

Please refer to our testimonials page to read Shirley's great review on her new horse!



Congratulations to Lauren Thompson

of Caledon Ontario on her purchase of WKM Narley a 2003 Nickelson B gelding. Lauren is an active competitor in Ontario and plans to hit the show ring with Narley in "2009".  We wish her much success with her new mount. 



Congratulations to Zoe Gerein

the daughter of Clayton and Ruth Gerein of Pilot Butte Saskatchewan on their purchase of WKM Piper a 2004 Nickelson B Gelding!  Zoe is an active competitor in the hunter/jumper ring, we wish her all the best with Piper and look forward to watching for their success in the jumper ring in 2009! 



Congratulations to Laura Krumpek

of Ontario on her purchase of WKM Nash a 2003 Nickelson B Gelding! Laura and Nash successfully completed the 2008 show season as 3rd overall (61 competetors) in the "OHJA Low Adult Amateur Hunter Division"!  (Update 2010 WKM Nash was crowned the Champion of the 2010 Ultimate Hunter Challenge at the 2010 Tournament of Champions Horse show at Palgrave Ontario)!



Congratulations to Tracey Salamondra on her purchase of WKM Rex a 2005 Nickelson B Gelding! Tracey currently has Rex in training, we look forward the seeing them in the show ring! We hope Rex will be every bit as wonderful as we know "Nugget" was! 


Congratulations to Tasha Eastman

of Toronto Ontario on her purchase of Nickers a 2003 Nickelson B Gelding!! Tasha successfully competed in 2008 in the 1.10 meter Jumper Division under the guidance of her coach Scott McKay.



Congratulations to Taylor Parks

of Alexander on her purchase of WKM Prince of Thieves.  Prince was bred and raised at WKM Stables.  Prince and Taylor have been competing very successfully in the Jumper Ring for the last few years!



Congratulations to Kathlyn Hossack 

on the purchase of WKM Time Will Tell. A great partnership, with a long show career ahead, best of luck to you both!   



Congratulations to Wilson King

of Pennsylvania on his purchase of WKM Ross and WKM Redferd.  Ross and Redferd will join WKM Herby and WKM Kalypso who Wilson has purchased in previous years.  Both Herby and Kalypso have been competing successfully in the 3 day eventing and driving disciplines. Wilson said that he hoped to have the four of them driving in a four inhand by late fall of 2009. 



Congratulations to Twin Pines Equestrian Centre

in Ontario on their purchase of WKM La de da. We wish Frank and all his crew all the best with "Dip", he will be missed at WKM Stables.



Congratulations to Equine Artist Kim Penner and her daughter Amanda of Lacombe Alberta.  Amanda and Kim have been proud owners of three WKM Prospects for the last few years.  Amanda has been an active eventer and hunter/jumper competitor on WKM Gentleman Joe, and joins mom Kim in JPG the dressage ring with WKM Hank and WKM Winston. 


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