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Cat Weasel Z

    Capitol 1
  Carthago Z
    Perra B
Calando 1
Cat Weasel Z
      Jalisco B
(Selle Francais)
    Quidam de Revel
(Selle Francais)
(Selle Francais)
  Aida de Laubry
(Selle Francais)
    Uganda de Laubry
(Belgium Warmblood)
(Belgium Warmblood)
      Nikita Van de Heemstede
(Belgium Warmblood)

2004  Belgium Warmblood Grey Stallion  APPROVED ( CWHBA) standing 16.3 hands.

We are proud to introduce our new stallion “Cat Weasel Z” AKA “Catty”. Here is a brief history on how Catty came to Canada.

In December 2007, our son Scott of Greenhaven Stables in Ontario was privileged to join his clients on an overseas trip to Europe to search out young rider prospects. They traveled through Germany, Belgium, Holland and France and saw many fantastic and talented horses. During this trip he toured many farms and consulted with top notch breeders and trainers.

While at a horse show in Belgium he was invited to join fellow horseman and agent Axel Verlooy to take in the evening grand prix. The night was full of horse chat when Scott eventually entertained the thought of asking about a prospect stallion to breed on some quality Concorde fillies. Scott had a plan knowing that his Dad back home at WKM stables had a pasture full of top notch fillies by his Dutch Warmblood Stallion Nickelson B.

By fate this horseman knew just the horse. This young stallion had sustained an injury as a weanling that caused a broken bone in his back leg which ended his chances of becoming a show horse but he boasted a top notch pedigree which would make him a valuable stallion. Scott returned home after his whirlwind tour and immediately called his parents to discuss the possibility of importing this young stallion to WKM Stables.

Through much thought and deliberation, we (Wilf and Karen) partnered with our son Scott of Greenhaven Stables and made the decision to purchase this stallion, he was imported in January of 2008 and spent his quarantine time at a farm in Ontario. Catty made his way to Manitoba in April 2008 and within 2 weeks of establishing himself at his new home he was happily united with a pasture full of Nickelson B fillies.

We are completely impressed with this new young stallion. He is a true gentleman and handles like a dream. He has superb confirmation and a pedigree bursting with top notch horses.  We feel we are bringing our best of the Concorde, (Voltaire) line and introducing the legendary Carthago (Capitol 1), (Quidam de Revel) and (Darco) powerful breeding lines. We are very very proud of his offspring and are  BOASTING  that six two year old fillies that were inspected all went  PREMIUM.

Highlights and Notes of Interest on the Pedigree of “Cat Weasel Z”

-Carthago Z is a leading show jumping and breeding stallion born in 1987 and has produced numerous international jumpers.

-Carthago Z showed promise as a future show jumping star early, at his performance test he earned a 9.5 for free jumping and a 10 for jumping talent!

-Carthago Z had a very illustrious show jumping career winning many grand prix’s, competing in 15 nations cups, placed 11th individually in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games with rider Jos Lansik, and went on to compete in the Sydney Olympics.

-Carthago Z is a proven breeder of show jumpers, having horses jumping a the highest levels, and siring several approved stallions.

-Carthago Z sire is Capitol 1, one of the leading breeding stallions of show jumping horses in the Holsteiner studbook.

-Capitol 1 is one of the most important producers of top Holsteiner show jumping horses.

-Capitol 1 descends from one of the best dam lines in Holstein, the mare Rappel stems from the most influential bloodlines in show jumping history.

-Capitol 1 is best known for consistently passing on his own incredible jumping capabilities to his offspring.

-Aida de Laubry was an outstanding brood mare, she had limited showing but as told by the breeder/owner he could have sold her every time out.

-Aida de Laubry is by the amazing stallion Quidam de Revel.

-Quidam de Revel was purchased in 1993 by Danish businessman Flemming Velin for a “still” secret sum; believed to be a record amount at the time. Velin, although primarily a Thoroughbred man believed Quidam to be the perfect beauty and compared him to the likes of Northern Dancer.

-Quidam de Revel in 2004 topped the world breeding championships jumping stallion ratings for the second year running, establishing himself as the most expensive living sire of Jumping horses.

-Quidam de Revel was a champion jumper under Herve Godignon of France, he was a member of the French Olympic team, and 4th individually at the 92 Barcelona Olympics.

-Quidam’s dam Dirka was an international star under the guidance of Nelson Pessoa.

-Darco a Belgium warmblood stallion was one of the most successful show jumping horses ever and was also one of the top breeding sires worldwide for jumping horses.

-Darco’s list of achievements as a jumping stallion is testimony to his dream-like career and that of his rider Ludo Philippaerts.

-Darco is described by his rider as an extremely honest and intelligent horse, who always produced top quality offspring.

-Mares produced by Darco are highly coveted as brood mares and often sell for astronomical prices.

-Darco retired from show jumping and became one of the World’s best breeding stallions for show jumpers and has remained so until his death in June 2006.

World Federation of Sport Horses Stallion Rankings 2011

    # 1  IS  DARCO

    # 4  IS  QUIDAM de REVEL

    # 6  IS  CARTHAGO Z


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