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Nickelson B



Nickelson B is a  Dutch Warmblood Stallion. He is a beautiful bay and stands 16.2 1/2 hands.

Nickelson was purchased from and imported by Hogendoorn Warmblood Sport Horse Imports in Ontario, who have imported many outstanding horses from Europe. He is an extremely nice stallion and proudly bears the prestigious "DUTCH LION" brand on his hip.

Nickelson boasts a superior pedigree, with many top line European horses. His sire is the amazing Concorde by the keur perfect Voltaire, his mother is a "star" mare by Nurzeus, and by the legendary stallion Lady Killer. His pedigree stands very high on both hunter, jumper and dressage indexes.

Nickelson B - Dutch Warmblood Stallion

Nickelson himself portrays beauty, poise, and strength. He has superb confirmation and placed in the top 30 out of 800 horses during his inspection in Europe. He carries the predicate "star quality".

Nickelson's looks demand attention, he has a great top line with a strong back and a powerful hind quarter. In turn he possess great self carriage with natural balance and superb movement and the "sought after" canter that many warmbloods are known for. His splendor carries on through his beautiful neck and head. He is a true pleasure to watch as he canters through the pasture.

One of Nickelson's most amazing qualities as a stallion is his ability to produce outstanding foals. He STAMPS them with beauty, poise, great bone structure, correct confirmation and great temperments. We have had the opportunity to breed many uniquely different mares to Nik and he has outdone himself by passing on 100% of his quality through to them.

Nickelson B was never shown due to an injury that claimed the sight in his right eye. He was in full training and showing great jumping potential when the accident happened. Unfortunately he wasn't able to prove his talent inside the show ring, but he is steadily proving himself through his progeny. We are truly amazed by their temperment and abilities and now as more of his offspring hit the show ring they are showing their true form and have been very successful and well respected and accepted!!

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     # 14  IS  CONCORDE

     # 11  IS  VOLTAIRE


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