What buyers say about our horses...


Testimony by Owner; Joel van Schie, Thunder Bay Ontario


Three years ago we found WKM Stables.  At the time we were looking for a new mount for my daughter.  Wilf and Karen made us feel right at home as we travelled all the way from Ontario.  We were completly amazed with their horses.  Unfortunately at the time my daughter was not experienced enough for one of these amazing animals.  When we were travelling back home my daughter said "Mom, one day I'm gonna own one of those Nickleson B horses"!  Now in the fall of 2010 I reconnected with Wilf and Karen to let them know we were looking again for a new mount and was sure they had what we were looking for.  The McKays bent over backwards for us in helping us choose from soooo many wonderful up and coming show mounts!  My daughter fell in love and connected with WKM Riley.  After only a handful of rides, Chelsea and WKM Riley went to their first schooling show together.  This would be Rileys second time out in the show ring.  And like all the other WKM horses, they placed in almost every class they entered.  WKM Riley is one of the most personable horses we have ever owned.  Once he enters the show ring he means business.  I am pleased to say that Wilf and Karen have taken Chelsea under their wing and she will be showing out of their barn this year.  WKM's trainer, Kelly Campbell has done a fabulous job with WKM Riley and is now my daughters new coach.  Being from Ontario, Chelsea will be spending most of the summer in Manitoba at WKM Stables learning and showing with this fabulous team.  Hopefully she will live up to the great name that WKM has established with their horses and riders.  I would recommend anyone to take a look for themselves at what great horses WKM Stables have to offer. 



TESTIMONY by owner; Tracey Salamondra, Manitoba, Canada.

When I approached the McKays looking for a horse prospect the first question they asked was what I wanted in a horse. As an adult amateur rider I knew that all of the Nickelson "B" offspring would easily surpass my needs in the talent department. I needed a horse with the intelligence to handle the show environment and the temperment that makes them a family pet. I have just started to work with Nugget and every time I ride or handle him I grow more confident. Looks, movement and personality, what more could I want in a horse!!!!    Condolences to Tracey on Nugget's untimely death, he was one of those once in a lifetime horses. 


Congratulations to Tracey Salamondra on her purchase of WKM Rex a 2005 Nickelson B Gelding! Tracey currently has Rex ( full brother to Nugget ) in training, we look forward the seeing them in the show ring! We hope Rex will be every bit as wonderful as we know "Nugget" was! 




TESTIMONY by owners; Shawna Simpson & Royden Spence, Manitoba, Canada.

When we bought WKM Nixon we were looking for a horse with good movement, athletic, agile and a good mind. We believe that we have found that and more. Nixon now at 17hh, carries himself square and balanced, he has natural movement, full of grace that you wouldn't expect from a young horse that big. Nixon loves to work, he is willing and is very smart. He loves to jump and has randomly jumped fences that are set at his own leisure. He rounds over the fences using himself nicely. Under saddle he is a pure joy to ride, being so well balanced that he performs auto lead changes with ease of a much older horse. Nixon's gaits are amazing and his canter stride feels like it will go on forever. As an adult amateur rider I was looking for a horse that had these traits and a good personality. He is a people horse with a gentle nature and a kind willing attitude, I found with WKM Nixon, I have the whole package, great mind, athletic and a superb mover.




TESTIMONY by owner; Tasha Eastman, Ontario, Canada.

When I went to visit the 2003 group of babies, three of them caught my eye; however I could only choose one. My intial decision was based on a few important factors. Firstly, he was a stunning looking horse with his dark, almost blue roan-like coat, four white socks, full white stripe, and excellent confirmation. Upon free jumping Nickers, I realized how effortlessly he went through the group of fences. The final deciding factor was a personal one. I have always believed in a bond between horse and rider that creates a more solid team, and when I went into his stall to spend a few moments with him, he was more than willing to spend time and show interest in me, reassurring me that this bond would would not only be easy to achieve, but that it seemed to have already started! His wonderful personality has grown with him over the past 17 months that I have owned him. He is always a big hit with people that have contact with him. He is very gentle, but will sneak in as close as possible to anyone standing within a reachable distance. When it came down to breaking him, he could do no wrong. Lunging, long lining, clipping and bathing seemed like second nature to him, picking up on all things the first time I tried them. I feared that since he had been so good with those things I was doomed when I was going to start him under saddle, but once again, he acted like I had been riding him forever! His development through training has been impeccable. He is such a balanced horse for his age that all tasks come so naturally to him. Pole exercises were another thing that surprised me as he went through his first set of trotting poles without stopping for a look or putting one foot wrong. He is also quite brave when he jumps, having no issues with anything that may lie underneath poles. This spring we free jumped him again and I was excited to see that he had not only maintained the wonderful talent I had witnessed when I purchased him, but it seemed to have developed as well. With his willingness to learn and ability to perform, I feel that the decision to buy WKM Nickers was one of the best decisions I have made in the world of horses. With his tight front end, lovely arc over fences, and attractive steady gaits, he would be a great success in the hunter world. However, his scope and exceptional back end will also allow him to be wonderful as a jumper. In my eyes, his future in the show ring is full of endless possibilities.

WKM Nickers


    WKM  Partly Cloudy (WKM Parker)

Testimony by owner; Shirley Neudorf, Brandon, Manitoba

 When it came time for me to shop around for a new horse, the first people that came to mind were Wilf and Karen McKay and their stallion  Nickelson  B.  I knew that I wanted something that was going, so I went to one of the spring shows to have a look at the horses Wilf was showing. Well there was a lot to look at but I saw this cute little grey horse take four trot steps out of the hunter ring and I knew he was the one!

What can I say about Mr. PARKER... temperament, athletic ability, quality, movement, willingness to learn...did I say temperament?  Anyway, he is an amazing horse that has exceeded all my expectations. Kelly Campbell did a fantastic job of starting this youngster and he is progressing in leaps and bounds.

So the next time you see me and I have just finished riding, please feel free to come and pinch me as I can't beleive this fabulous horse is mine. Look for us in the dressage ring, hopefully this mature rider can do him the justice he deserves






Denver has turned out to be the best horse I have ever had ( that is saying a lot because I go through them ). I have been champion on him at Pebbles Beach Classic multiple times, at The Oaks at Santa Barbara etc. He wins every time he goes and beats serious company.  He truly is the horse of my dreams and I have turned down huge amounts of money for him. He is my horse of a lifetime!!!